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Erotic Massage club in Prague

prague erotic massage

erotic massage in Prague


Erotic Massage
in Prague

Street :
Plzenska 1972/158,
150 00 Prague 5

Tram: Klamovka, no. 6, 9, 10, 16.

Mobile: +420 603 991 092


Opening hours :
Mo-Fr: 10:00 – 22:30
Sa-Su: 12:00 – 22:30

sexy czech massage girls

erotic massage in Prague






Sexy erotic massage...

... after you have booked your erotic massage you will be welcomed by a beautifulsexxy massage girl who will take you to the bathroom.

Here you will have a bath while listening to relaxing music to get you in the right mood.

After that you will move to the massage room where you lie down naked on you stomach.

The masseuse will start massaging your calves, thighs and bottom.

After that the masseuse will sit on you and will take her time massaging your back.

After that you will roll over on your back and she will massage your feet,thighs, stomach and chest.

While your chest is massaged you can see directly masseuse´s breasts.

After that there come bodyslides*
and a climax in masseuse´s eager hands.

*bodyslides – a whole body massage with breasts.


Massaggi erotici con ragazze molto sexy a Praga.

erotic massage in Prague

erotic massage in Prague


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